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Women's Health: Gynaecological Consultation

The Chennnai Gynae Clinic provides advice on reproductive health problems, family planning, cervical smears, breast disease, premarital,adolescent and preconceptional counseling, emergency contraception and menopause'.

  • Woman Health Awareness and Basic Health Check
  • Sexual Health: Genital Warts, Safe Sex, Cervical Screening
  • Contraception and Fertility Regulation
  • Starting a Family: Pre-Pregnancy Advice
  • Reproductive Choices: Post-Termination Care
  • The Menopause and Osteoporosis
  • Fertility and Gynae Endosurgery Centre where we provide individualised supportive care along with couple counseling
  • State of the art Obstetric services for women before, during and after childbirth
  • Gynaecological cancer screening (breast and cancer cervix)
  • Infertility workup and miscarriage
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Heavy and irregular periods
  • Fibroids and ovarian cysts
  • Prolapse
  • High risk pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy

Mental health and psychological counseling

Our mission is to provide resources to women suffering from the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, postpartum depression; stress, depression, anxiety associated with infertility and its treatment; depression, hot flashes and sleep disturbances so that individual clinical decisions can be made in a thoughtful and collaborative fashion.