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Welcome to Chennai Gynae Clinic

Offers, a comprehensive and holistic approach to women problems ranging from general well being, pregnancy and antenatal care,contraceptive advice,gynaecological problems such as heavy bleeding,Infertility,menopause issues and Specifically specialised care for women with bladder problems(repeated urinary infection,prolapse[womb(uterus)coming down], leakage of urine.

This is where the Internet comes in handy, with its vast resources providing information discreetly to those who require it. Menstruation, cancer within a woman's sexual organs and contraception are three highly important subjects when it comes to gynaecology, and the following examples give a brief insight into these aspects of the medical practice.


While all pregnancies carry a certain risk to them, some pregnancie


Day surgery offers a host of benefits, the main among them being.

Robotic Hytech TLH

Surgery Enabled by ROBOTIC SURGERY® You've just been diagnosed with a condition requiring surgery


The uterus is held in position by pelvic muscles, ligaments and other tissues.


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